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January 2, 2021

2021 Goals

a bride and groom stand in the courtyard at the Saint Johns Resort in Northville Michigan.
Bonita + Mark hosted their true big day at Saint Johns Resort in Northville Michigan.
Bonita and Mark were married in May of the pandemic but still wanted a big party!

2021 Goals

Hello 2021! What will you bring us? It’s honestly all I can think about as we start a New Year. It’s January 2nd and right now the state of Michigan is still under restrictions. Which for me means no weddings allowed. These wedding restrictions are supposed to remain in effect for a while, the rumor is that it will continue until Spring. I am truly trying to be hopeful. My first wedding of the season will take place in April! My fingers are officially crossed! 

Keeping all of that in mind, I made a lengthy 2021 goals list I truly want to accomplish this year. 

My word of the year is outsource and hands down one of my biggest goals for 2021. I need to begin removing some items from my to do list to start growing in the areas I really want to. Which includes offering education + other facets of business that produce longevity for me. Things that will help me be gone from home less + be home more! 

My other big goal came out of me asking myself some hard questions. What kind of clients do I want to be working with? Are there venues I want to have featured on my website? What venues have been on my wish list to work at? What do I want my work to look like? All questions I needed to dig into after the last two years. Keeping that in mind, my 2nd big point of focus for 2021 is to start focusing less on “this” year, and more on 2022 and 2023. Meaning some shifting will be happening. I will be more selective on my pricing + what clients/weddings I take on for the year. It really is me focusing on the future or the “aim” I am taking for my business and truly less on the day to day! 

Some other goals or tasks I want to accomplish in 2021:

Launch of Mini Session Course
Build a return client experience course
Build a new website I am happy with 
Hire a copywriter for website
Find an SEO specialist
Hire a blog writer
Increase pricing for 2022 + 2023
Book 20 – 2022 weddings
Book 1 out of state 2022 wedding
Build a social media plan
Execute a social media plan
Create work hours 
Create a schedule
Use Click-Up to organize projects 
Hire an editor
Edit and deliver all images before Dec 31st.
Build schedule for season
Plan mini session schedule
Plan mini promos
Continue a systemic way for clients to book sessions
Launch pre-booking of schedule
Fully setup flodesk strategy
Brainstorm courses to launch and offer.
Brainstorm passive income streams
Update 5 year plan
Learn FB + IG ads
submit taxes early by 3/1
Send newsletter 4x a year
Update + enhance client experience
Launch photo booth business
Launch mentoring business
Re-examine blog strategy 
Book 20 weddings
Book 50 sessions
Social strategy
Launch or plan Florida expansion
Book 1 destination Wedding out of state
Attend a conference
Attend a workshop
Apply to speak

This 2021 goals list of HUGE things has been circulating from years before BUT I am determined to make some big changes for me to grow my business! I want to level up + move more into an owner and photographer role. 

At this point, I am going to try hard to remain optimistic and hopeful that this year is better than last year. I’m hopeful we will see some sense of work normalcy, whatever that may look like. For now I am going to get my head down. Enjoy the slower time, work on some back end tasks, and focus on what the future CAN BE! 


Are you still in need of a photographer for your wedding day? I would love to be considered!

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