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April 25, 2020

I was on a podcast!

As if my week couldn’t get better! After I announced I was getting published in the upcoming issue of the knot magazine. my DJ vendor friend, invited to do my first podcast interview!

My good friend Brett, owns Motor City HDJ Productions invited me for a chat on his podcast this past weekend. Man I gotta tell you we had an absolute blast. Especially with everything that is going on right now in our world.

Brett from Motor City HDJ pumping the crowd up at a wedding at Pine Tree Barn in Flushing Michigan. My first podcast interview.
Brett with HYPE the crowd as much as he can through the night! It’s one of my favorite parts of working with him!

A chat with a vendor friend, after not seeing anyone for 50+ days was an absolute blast! We talked about business and our journey to the wedding industry. We discussed what has been happening for us since the closure happened. More importantly we talked what we are doing for our businesses & clients until we can get back to work!

I don’t believe I have all the right answers. Right now we are all figuring this out day by day. However we shared some tips and things we are doing right now for our clients. Plus you get to hear what Disney character I relate to the most. What show I can’t stop watching over & over again. Maybe even a small confession at a celebrity crush I have. I know it’s like I’m 18 again. More importantly you get to know why I love my vendor friends so much!

Brett DJ owner of Motor City HDJ dancing behind his booth at a wedding
Brett isn’t the DJ who stays all night behind the booth. He is on the floor, hyping your guests, or just making everyone feel welcome.

If you need a DJ still for your wedding I can’t recommend him more! Brett is a blast the day of your wedding. Brett is detailed when planning your day, covering all your must have jams and the ones you don’t want to hear. Most importantly, like me, Brett really gives a crap about his people. We have bonded over our true love of taking care of our clients. Believing that sometimes we may have to go outside the typical job description to be there for you. You can’t go wrong hiring him.

Brett is was an absolute blast to get to chat with you! I can’t wait until we are back at it working weddings again and teaming up! Not to mention cutting a rug on the dance floor. We just can’t help ourselves, especially when Timber comes on! I can’t wait to tell my mom about my first podcast interview!

You can find the episode here if you want to listen.