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July 5, 2020

Covid in Summer

Covid in summer

It’s July! We have survived almost 4 months of closures and we are officially living through Covid in summer. Just this week we decided to stop wiping down our groceries. We also decided to start walking regularly. So far I have slowly been able to go back to work with a few weddings and sessions.

Eli is still working remotely. Adelaide did go back to school virtually to finish 1st grade. Overall I’m still by some small miracle open for business. I was so fortunate that some of my couples still got married. Some of my family clients kept their sessions booked. Some clients bought gift cards. All in all it’s truly a small miracle to be in business. 

Bonita and Mark during their covid wedding ceremony

On May 11th we were able to go back to work but we had to shoot in wide open areas and distanced by 6-10 feet. If not we have to wear masks. My 1st session back happened on May 31st. My wedding season restarted in June as Rachel and Shawn decided to elope at the lake. Things are still slow but l also captured a church wedding of Bonita and Mark and it was super intimate. So Small we could only have 10 people in the church and I counted as one of the 10. We had to wear masks indoors the whole time. This month is what I always consider summer and I’m hoping we can still keep working!

If I can still work this month ill have another Wedding and a few sessions. We did decide though that we are very likely going to pack up and head to Florida after my July 10th wedding. We haven’t done a road trip down in awhile. Adelaide was 18 months old. We plan to take Billy and rent a beach house for a week in Jacksonville. We don’t have anything on the calendar and we both are working remotely so it just makes sense to take this time together while we have it. Driving down will be weird because restaurants are still only open at a limit of outdoor seating. We have to wear masks everywhere. Not to mention the risk we will take to see and visit a few family members. We plan to be very smart about things.

I’m hoping to say by the end of the year I’m still open for business.


We are planning for the next year! If you need a photographer I would love to work with you!

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