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December 28, 2020

2020 The Year of Uncertainty

2020 the year of uncertainty… beyond that you have sucked hard core and at the same time have been one of the biggest blessings since I started my business. You brought me times where I needed to be frugal and times where I evaluated the future. Most importantly you gave me TIME. I was given time I never even knew I needed. Given time that allowed me to be home with my family on the weekends. Time to enjoy moments with my extended family. Time to take a month-long road trip to Florida with Adelaide, Eli and even Billy.

Heirlooms and Lace Studios family on the beach during covid in July. Even with 2020 the year of uncertainty
My little family on Jacksonville Beach. This glimpse of normalcy- ish was so good for our souls.

It will be something I will always look back on with a bit of sadness but also my deepest gratitude.

I will say though 2020, you have shown me how strong I am. You have shown me how versatile I am. You have shown me how resilient I am. Not just as a mom and wife, but also as a business owner. You drove me to reconsider and reevaluate things, in my business and personal life, that I didn’t know I needed and things I no longer had use for. 

I’m really trying to look at the positives y’all! It was an incredibly difficult year to be a wedding or family photographer in the state of Michigan.

From an individual perspective when the decision came to close the state and essentially ban non-essential workers, I knew things would be rough.

By March I was fully booked with 25 weddings for the year and had 13 on the calendar for 2021. At first it seemed like it was no big deal. Then the restrictions remained but followed by hefty fines if we were caught working. So from the end of February until June 20th I had one single session. While some states permitted weddings, Michigan held restrictions of some kind until January of 2021. My wedding final count for 2020 was nine weddings. Nine. I lost close to 75% of my expected wedding income for the year.

It was extremely hard to manage emotionally because I struggled to cover my overhead for the year. Many photographers across the southern US were having the best years in their business. It really has taken such a toll. What I will end with is this… To the NINE couples who stuck with me thank you from the bottom of my heart! To the families who booked sessions, bought gift cards, even those who purchased out of the online print galleries. Thank you!!! I wouldn’t be in business if this year it wasn’t for all of you! 

As soon as we know what is to come, I am working on planning New things. New offerings, New pricing plus more. I am really focused on giving you the best experience I can! 


Lets plan 2021 and beyond! Reach out here!